Welcome to the Artwork of Mary Forbes

I am now bringing my life long passion for painting to a wool canvas, using a felting needle and layers and layers of locally hand dyed wool to create what feels like the spirit of the landscape, still life and my imagination.

I am very excited about being accepted by jury to show my new work at the Chemainus Theatre Art Gallery in June and July of 2011.

What is hand needle felting?

It is a personal experience, and different for everyone of course. I take tiny tufts of hand dyed raw wool, and use a repetitive motion of driving the tuft with a felting needle through itself to attach to a wool canvas….taking advantage of the natural microscopic hooks that the wool itself contains.

Layer after layer after layer, I build a blend of colors and shapes lines and textures, following a vision that I had or one that is emerging. Sometimes I keep adding, sometimes taking away, rearranging, a journey of ever changing exploration… unlike watercolor painting witch is hard to successfully rework…. until it looks and feels like the vision I had or one that evolved that I like.

I bring the elements of all my years experience as an artist with various mediums and my passion for watercolor painting, and the personality of wool to create what feels like the spirit of painting.

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